Is Synthetick currently taking on freelance work and commissions?

Please get in touch with Harriet by email to check availability.

Are you able to make me a custom version of one of your images or animations?

It probably depends on how the original version was created, as well as the budget and the complexity of the proposed modifications, so please get in touch with me by email and we can work out what's possible!

How do I purchase prints and products?

Prints and products are available at both Society6 and Redbubble. They have differing product ranges, and varying sales and promotions, so it's worth checking out both. Generally both have a good range of art prints and tech, while Society6 has more homewares, and Redbubble has more clothing options. If there's one of my stock images that you'd like to purchase as a print or product but it's not currently in either of my Society6 or Redbubble shops, please email and I should be able to add it for you.

How do I purchase a stock image?

Each of the images on this website has a link that will take you to its download page on Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock offers credit packs and subscriptions, including a 30 day free trial that allows you to download 10 free images. Find out more about plans and pricing at Adobe Stock.

How do I purchase a stock video?

Each of the videos on this website can be purchased either as a cart sale, or via a subscription. Cart sales are the best value for occasional purchases. The cart sale links will take you to, where an additional 20% referral discount will be applied at the checkout.
Subscriptions are the best value if you buy stock media regularly. You can get bulk videos and images for a flat low cost monthly fee. Find out more about video subscription plans and pricing at Adobe Stock and Shutterstock.
In all cases you will need to register with Pond5, Adobe Stock or Shutterstock (if you haven't already done so) in order to buy the video. If you have any problems with purchasing or downloading a video from any of the agencies please contact their customer service teams or check out these FAQ's:
Pond5 Help
Adobe Stock Help
Shutterstock Help

I found an image or video by Synthetick via Google or other search engine. Am I allowed to use it?

These images are copyrighted material and are not permitted to be used without a license. Please see our website terms for more information. If you would like to enquire about licensing an image or video that you found please e-mail us at

Can I download a free "comp" stock image or video to try before I buy?

Yes you can. You need to click on one of the purchase links, which will take you to the same image or video at either Pond5, Adobe Stock or Shutterstock. There you will find a link to download a low res watermarked comp or preview. The purpose of these watermarked comps is for you to use them in mock-ups, or to help with purchasing decisions. You are not permitted to use them in your productions, products or marketing materials.

Why is it that stock images and videos can only be purchased from Pond5, Adobe Stock or Shutterstock, instead of being sold directly by this website?

Synthetick enjoys a good working relationship with Pond5, Adobe Stock and Shutterstock, all of which are large stock media agencies with the necessary resources and infrastructure to enable Synthetick's stock assets to be available for immediate download. These agencies also have the legal teams to ensure that Synthetick's footage is used in accordance with the license terms.

I have a problem with an image or video that I purchased.

Please get in touch with the agency that you purchased the file from:
Pond5 Help
Adobe Stock Help
Shutterstock Help

What is the licensing agreement for your stock media?

Synthetick's stock assets are sold under a Royalty-free License. "Royalty-free" is a type of license for copyrighted intellectual property, such as images and video. The license allows you to use the content for multiple applications in multiple media, without having to pay a royalty for each use; you pay just once. And you can use the asset worldwide and without time limits. This means that you can use the file in just about any creative or commercial context.

If you are purchasing a video via Pond5's website, please see the Pond5 License Agreement or if you are purchasing a video or image via Adobe Stock's website, please see the Adobe Stock License Agreement or if you are purchasing a video or image via Shutterstock's website, please see the Shutterstock Standard License Agreement and the Shutterstock comparison between Standard and Enhanced Licenses.
Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these agreements, as there are a few restrictions on use, including (but not limited to):
The license is assigned only to you, the purchaser of the stock asset, and you may not give or sell the stock asset to someone else to use in their productions.
You may not distribute the stock asset in a library or a reusable template, or in any way that makes it possible for others to extract it and use it for their own purposes.
If the stock asset contains a recognisable person or recognisable property, you may not use that stock asset in a context that is is pornographic, obscene, infringing, defamatory, or is reasonably likely to bring that person or property into disrepute.

Are your videos that show recognisable people fully cleared for commercial use?

Yes, all Synthetick's videos that contain recognisable people have been "model-released" and are fully cleared for commercial use. Please note that you may not use these videos in a context that is is pornographic, obscene, infringing, defamatory, or is reasonably likely to bring that person into disrepute.

Should I credit Synthetick when I use stock images or videos?

In many cases there is no obligation to credit Synthetick. (Although you are welcome to do so!) However there are some situations where you are required to credit Synthetick, so please check out the conditions at Pond5 (see section 9), Adobe Stock and Shutterstock.

I used your image or video in my production, would you like to know about it?

Yes! Please e-mail

I found a broken link, typo or other bug on this website.

If you think you may have found a bug in this website please email and let us know your system configuration and the nature of the problem.

My question was not answered above.

Please email
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